Organ Recital

Tsz Kei Yeung

Wednesday 20 November 1 pm


On Wednesday 20 November we were thrilled to greet Tsz Kei Yeung, a young organist now in her second year of studies at the RCM. Despite it being a rather dreary November lunchtime in Essex our spirits were immediately lifted by the magnificent sound of the Cathedral organ beautifully mastered by Tsz Kei, who began with J.S. Bach’s Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C major.

A clear and incisive opening of the Toccata brought forth a wondrous flow of high notes making one think of a sparkling stream and warmer climes, while the inevitable darker undertones acted as a somewhat moody counterpart to Tsz Kei’s lightly moving fingers. As the tempo gathered pace, and Bach’s amazingly complex counterpoint came to the fore, one had the distinct impression of moving inexorably to a high sunny plateau.

The Adagio which followed was characterised by gently lilting tones, allowing one to imagine a shepherd playing a soothing refrain for his flock. And when the Fugue began with a playful awakening, there were clearly dozens of lambs frolicking and tumbling over the hillside as the music became evermore intricate and complex. And all this was wonderfully executed by Tsz Kei.


From the incomparable Bach, Tsz Kei moved effortlessly to Louis Vierne’s Clair de Lune. A gently meandering and somewhat wistful musical line in a slow, three-four tempo brought to mind a flickering slow-motion cinema sequence of a woman dancing alone in a forest glade under mottled moonlight, dreaming of an absent loved one.

And then came the Chorale in A minor by César Franck with prolonged dreamy musical lines inducing pleasant drowsy feelings, which are otherwise sometimes experienced after too fine a meal, as one sits before a roaring fire, until Tsz Kei brought us all back to reality with the opening bars of Rheinberger’s Intermezzo.

Here, her playing sounded almost like a bugle reveille or military call to arms, before escaping via excellent singing tones into a musical cascade, leading ultimately to a magnificent crescendo as the battle was eventually resolved in the complex finale.

So, we thank you Tsz Kei for taking us on a most enjoyable musical journey in this your first public recital in London. We hope to see and hear from you again as your career and studies progress.




J.S. Bach (1685-1750) Toccata, Adagio & Fugue in C major, BWV 564
Louis Vierne (1870-1937) Clair De Lune
César Franck (1822-1890) Chorale no.3 in A minor
Joseph Rheinberger (1839-1901) Intermezzo (Sonata 6)


Tsz Kei Yeung is an eighteen year old organist from Hong Kong, in her second year studying for a Bachelor of Music at the Royal College of Music with David Graham for organ and Jianing Kong for her second study in piano.

Before her study in London, Tsz Kei participated in various activities on the electone (electric organ). She became national electone champion in 2017-2018 and represented Hong Kong in the Asia Pacific Electone Festival (APEF) in Singapore and Indonesia respectively.

Last year, Tsz Kei participated in a masterclass with Thomas Trotter at the RCM. She had also given an organ joint recital in Christchurch Chelsea, London this year with other RCM organ students. This is her first organ recital in London/Brentwood.

Refreshments were served in the SONG SCHOOL afterwards

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Photos – Graham Hillman

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