Hermione Duan – Violin .. Jennifer Christie (RPO) – Violin

Joana Valentinaviciute (RPO) – Violin .. Tamás András (RPO) – Violin

Players from the RPO London & Roderick Elms (Harpischord)

Sunday 15 January 2023 – 4 pm to 5:30 pm

On Sunday 15 January, we were absolutely thrilled to welcome eight year-old Violinist Hermione Duan to Brentwood Cathedral, where she was joined by her violin tutor, Jennifer Christie and some other members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as Roderick Elms (harpsichord & organ).     

Many of you will remember Hermione’s excellent performance for us in August of 2021; and we were very excited to have her and the players from the RPO back here again.

In a wonderfully varied programme, the players filled the Cathedral with music from Handel and Bach to Mascagni and Vivaldi.

Herminone, our young ‘star’ of the evening demonstrated not only her superb technical control of the violin, but also a really mature and heart-felt appreciation of the music.

She beguiled us with a concerto by Bach, followed by the Vivaldi double concerto, where she was joined by her teacher Jennifer Christie, and then as a solo effort again, ‘Spring’ from Vivaldi’s four Seasons.

After Vivaldi’s ‘Spring’ came ‘Summer’, played by Joana Valentinaviciute, ‘Autumn’ by Jennifer Christie and ‘Winter’ by Tamás András. These were enchanting professional performances, which made all of us realise what excellence we had just enjoyed from Hermione.

Our large audience felt truly privileged to be able to hear such music played in such a superb fashion and we thank all the players for treating us to such a lovely concert.

Graham Hillman

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 G. F. Handel (1685-1759) La Réjouissance

J. S. Bach (1685-1750)

Violin Concerto in A minor      

Soloist – Hermione Duan

Pietro Mascagni  (1863-1945) Intermezzo from Cavellaria Rusticana

  Antonio Vivaldi (1678-174`1)

  Double Violin Concerto in A minor

  Soloists – Hermione Duan & Jennifer Christie

 Antonio Vivaldi (1678-174`1) The Four Seasons

Spring – Hermione Duan

Summer – Joana Valentinaviciute

Autumn – Jennifer Christie     

Winter – Tamás András

The Players

Violins Violas Cellos
Hermione Duan Joseph Fisher Jonathan Ayling
Jennifer Christie Chian Lim Jean-Baptiste Toselli
Tamás András Double Bass
Joana Valentinaviciute Alice Kent
Adrianna Lacovache-Pana Harpischord
Nichola Hutchings Roderick Elms

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Photos – Graham Hillman

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